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In an effort to continuously improve we are undergoing a transformation, which includes new additions and changes to our existing fleet. The latest additions to our fleet are custom built brand new Mega Trailers and Tractor units to tow the Mega Trailers.







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New Mega Trailers


The Mega Trailer is a straight flat floor trailer with internal dimensions of 10x45x8.1feet. Mega trailers have several benefits over conventional step frame trailers


  • Ease of Loading – the straight flat floor makes loading easier for the crew. It also eliminates the need for lowering and raising flattage.

  • Increased Storage Capacity – a Mega Trailer has 7% more volumetric storage capacity than a step frame trailer. 

  • Externally stored Ramps (Optional) – Mega trailers come with 3-peice aluminum load ramp (grooved for water drainage, with non-slip gripper solution). These ramps are stored externally, increasing internal capacity.

  • Insulation – Mega trailers are constructed from sheet steel externally and internally decreasing theft probability. The internal walls are insulated with condensed foam which keeps extreme cold and hot temperature from penetrating

  • Added fastenings – mega trailers have a unique load lock tie off system which provides up to 70 individual lock’n’stop ties that can be positioned anywhere. 


New Tractor Units


Mega trailers have to be towed by special Tractor units. The most recent batch of EURO 5 compliant Tractor units added to the fleet in December 2012 were some of the first in the UK and some of the cleanest. There is a pressing commitment within the company to invest in sustainable technology for example we have selected the ad blue additive option for engines this limits the nitrogen oxides and particulate matter which pose great health and environmental problems.From design through to production, the new tractor units perfectly satisfy the highest level of quality demanded by road transport now and in the future. The units boast superior characteristics in all the attributes of Power, comfort, performance, technology, safety, versatility and adaptability.


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