From a single gig right through to a full blown multi trailer arena tour Luckings has the capability of handling any size production. We have the expertise in moving backline, staging, screens, rigging AV, pyrotechnics and other production equipment.

Operating out of the west of London and Manchester, Luckings is suitably positioned in close proximity to all the major venues, suppliers and rehearsal studios servicing all transportation, storage and freight forwarding needs for the Music sector.

With having delivered touring solutions for decades Luckings is able to offer the Rock and Roll sector a fresh approach and at very competitive rates. Luckings is one of the few hauliers which cater to the dedicated needs of this sector all over UK, Europe Russia, Turkey and North of Africa.

Being a private specialist carrier Luckings has the ability to provide a personalised service to any size production supplying right from a transit van to several trailers. We also regularly work with several companies that supply production equipment to the Rock & Roll and touring sector

Luckings is one of the few hauliers which can cater to the dedicated needs of this sector all over UK, Europe Russia, Turkey and North of Africa.




We have a varied fleet ranging from Vans to Rigids & Artics which are purpose built for the Rock & Roll sector to accommodate flight cases, staging, rigging, AV etc. These vehicles have purpose built internal fitments i.e. load lock, e-track & recessed daylight internal lighting to ensure the load is fully secure in transit.

The company boasts of having one of the largest fleet of Mega Trailers within the entertainment sector in the UK. These are supplied with individual ramps and have internal height ranging from 9’6” to 10’ 6” to cater to the varying requirements all over UK and Europe. Click here (Fleet info page) for more information

On-time performance is critical to our service delivery. We understand the ramifications of delays and that costs can rack up quickly with crew having stood around when a truck does not turn up. In order to enhance reliability we always ensure we have young fleet all the time by adapting an optimum truck replacement policy. Apart from having maintenance contracts with dealerships we also have an in house workshop with a full time workshop manager and fitters. This is further supported up by a comprehensive breakdown cover supplied by a reputable firm.

Luckings also tracks all its vehicles via a mobile based tracking that enables us to pin point the location of the truck in real time.

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A key to Luckings success is its drivers. At Luckings the drivers are aware right from the start that they need to provide a ‘Can do’ & flexible service, a service that is way beyond just delivering goods. We have a multilingual pool of drivers who are always uniformed, presentable when on the job. They actively participate with the loading and offloading as they need to ensure the goods are secure for transit. We can also supply drivers who are trained in follow spot who can help out with rehearsals. With a wealth of experience and knowledge of the various venues and their specialist access needs, the drivers can often flag up issues in advance which in turn can save valuable time lost due to delays. Click here for more information.




Luckings offers extensive safe secure warehousing facilities to the west of London and Manchester. At this site we also offer individual lock up units and ambient storage options for your precious backline, AV and other expensive equipment. We can also offer a dedicated workshop area to carry out any testing or refurb’s.   Please click here for more information




With direct links with reputed and reliable shipping agents and airlines worldwide Luckings can often offer very competitive rates for your international freight requirements. This not only gives you best value but also offers the convenience of dealing with just one company. In addition to Freight forwarding we also process ATA carnets and organise customs and border clearances thus truly presenting a ‘One stop shop’ for all your logistical needs.