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Luckings had initially been set up to provide the specialist transportation and storage needs of theatre and touring theatre productions. Over the years, this expertise enabled Luckings to extend its specialist services to the entertainment industry as a whole.


In spite of its presence across all the entertainment sectors, Luckings is still seen a dominant force in the theatrical sector and to date for the 'theatre techies' the word Luckings is synonymous with ‘theatrical transport’.


Operating out of Greater London and other prime locations, Luckings is suitably positioned, in close proximity to the West end theatres and centrally located to all the touring venues.


Being a specialist carrier, Luckings has the ability to provide a personalised service for any sized job right from a single trailer show to a multi-trailer tour or a West End load-in and load-out.


On-time performance is critical to our service delivery. We understand the ramifications of delays and that costs can spike quickly with crew having stood around when a truck is not on time. In order to enhance reliability, we have an optimum truck replacement policy in place, ensuring a modern fleet. Apart from having maintenance contracts with dealerships, we also have an in-house mechanic for running repairs. This is further supported up by a comprehensive breakdown cover supplied by a reputable firm.


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