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  • With over 60,000 sq ft of secure, well maintained storage space in two locations covering the UK we are all well positioned to take care of your storage requirements.

  • We offer variety of options to cover anything from palletised goods to a high volume and unusually awkward equipment.

  • From small lock up units to self contained 40,000 sq ft warehouses, we have rates and terms to suit your requirement both long and short term.

  • As an alternative to our warehouse storage solutions, we offer a range of mobile trailers which can be delivered to your site for on-site storage.

  • We use proprietary warehouse and inventory management systems that easily integrate with the client’s systems.


Luckings is recognized as an industry leader, with the expertise and knowledge necessary to provide warehousing and distribution solutions tailored to a variety of customer needs. Our drivers possess the knowledge and experience by maximizing trailer storage without compromising on safe delivery of goods.

In addition to unequalled customer satisfaction, Luckings has a long and unique history of close relationships with customers, vendors, and employees that lead to the

When it comes to providing the best solution for all your warehousing and distribution needs, Luckings have everything you could wish for. We are able to meet the needs of even the most demanding of customer and if you want to find out more about our storage options, please call us or email us.


At Luckings, we have more than 60,000 sq ft of storage space that is highly secure and the fact that we have two separate storage facilities in the UK ensures that we have the ability to cater for all of your entertainment and set storage needs.


We provide a wide range of storage options covering everything from fast moving, high volume products to equipment that is bulkier and a less common shape.


Our storage options start from individual lock-up units to fully contained warehouses up to 40,000 sq ft. We are able to offer flexible rates and terms that will meet and exceed all of your needs in the short and long term. We also provide special facilities with respect to entertainment storage, so contact us if that would be of benefit or interest.


Additionally we can provide a selection of mobile trailers which we can deliver to you enabling you to have more storage space on your own site. We aim to provide the best service for your needs which includes providing inventory management systems and proprietary warehouse measures that can be fully integrated with your own in house systems.


At Luckings we have worked hard to be regarded as a leader in the industry and we aim to maintain this position. Our expertise, knowledge and driver skills will ensure we provide complete customer satisfaction for all clients and we look forward to helping you.

very best service in the industry.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help you!

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Luckings continues to provide superior warehousing and Distribution solutions for projects of all sizes, meeting the demands of each customer's individual requirements. You can call us or contact us through email to know more about our storage services!