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The Luckings history

What's in a name?

Founded in 1965 by Gordon H. Lucking, GH Lucking & Sons soon became synonymous with theatrical removals. Their trucks were painted in a unique blue colour that is now recognized as Luckings blue.

By late 1990’s, Luckings (abbreviated from the original name) had expanded into a larger operation, providing services for additional segments of the entertainment sector. 

Movement and containment

The current logo, created by late award-winning designer Nicholas Jenkins, has retained the iconic Luckings blue, building on the legacy of GH Luckings & Sons.

Internationally recognized in the entertainment industry, our logo stands for movement and containment. 

Moving entertainment forward

Today, Luckings continues to grow its brand awareness on the foundation of exceptional experience and integrity.

Luckings is at the forefront of the logistic and storage services for theatre, TV and film productions, music tours, sport events, conferences, AGMs, and exhibitions. 


Nick Dooner

CEO at Luckings

From small independent companies to global corporations, every client is equally important to us.

Our clients

At Luckings, we pride ourselves at creating continuous positive customer experience. Underpinned in our brand, we strive for effective communication, consistency and customer satisfaction.

"The get in has gone extremely well! Many many thanks to you and your team for your help to date, it has been very slick. Michael and the other drivers have been bang on with the trailer logistics over here and that coupled with a great venue and crew has made this first move a very satisfying experience."

Production Manager - Wicked

Move your entertainment forward with us!
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